Ashib Architecture Group

Interior design is the art and science of upgrading the interior of a building to achieve a healthy and aesthetic environment for people who use the space. An interior designer is the person who plans, researches, coordinates and manages these projects. Interior design is a multi-purpose profession that includes concept development, spatial planning, site inspection, planning, research, communicating with project stakeholders, construction management, and project execution.

Ashib Architecture Company, 1st grade, design and supervision of residential, commercial, office and industrial buildings, was established in 2011. This company is active in the fields of design and supervision of architecture, structures, interior architecture, renovation, design and specialized implementation of villas, and so far we have done more than 800,000 square meters of design and supervision.

Ashib Architecture and Interior Design Office by creating a matrix structure in the organization and the relations of different departments and observing the four principles of “goal setting”, “creating order and efficiency”, “creativity and risk-taking” and “living approach to the environment” in each project Omrani fulfills four tasks: “Creating a suitable organization with the project”, “Optimal guidance of the project in different stages”, “Solving problems and obstacles of the project”, “Bringing the project to an end and completing it”.







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